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We bring the best quality wraps to you and your favorite archery dealer. Tested and used by the best archers in the world.

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Why arrow wraps?

Using glue on a carbon shaft is a risk as you can damage the shaft
Vanes actually stick better on wraps
When using 'Comfort' series wraps fletchingand refletching spinwing-like vanes has never been easier

Spin vanes

Socx comfort Arrow wraps have lines for Spinwing-like vanes that makes fletching easier than ever!
These wraps are made for Easton X10, ACE and Navigator shafts.
Try them and you will never want to do without them again!

Replacing vanes

When using spinwinglike vanes on the Comfort wraps it is very easy to replace vanes.
During training or even competition it only takes a minute to change a damaged vane.


Socx Arrow wraps have always been tested by members of the Pro staff shooters before a new wrap type will be sold.
Durability and ease in use are commonly heard as the possitive points, but just as important is the fact that the wraps are lightweight.
The Comfort X10 wraps are only 2.6 grains and are therefor won’t affect arrow flight!